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Remember how during the 2016 presidential election, one of the most controversial claims made by then-candidate Donald Trump was that Democrats were allowing illegal foreigners to vote?  Did this open up a wasp nest of abuse!   The Donald was howled down by the mainstream / democrat media, which accused him of spreading false claims.

I wrote here and here on it all.

It was a false claim the left shouted, you don’t need to audit the electoral registers because the problem doesn’t exist.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation would beg to differ and after having asked the good clerks in Pennsylvania for answers and being thrown a deaf have now logged a legal case stating that more than 100,000 illegal aliens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania alone. .

“For months, Pennsylvania bureaucrats have concealed facts about noncitizens registering and voting — that ends today,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said.

A host of questions are raised here.  How many of these illegal alien voters actually voted?.

Now if they did vote it really doesn’t matter who they voted for.  A fraudulent vote for Hillary would have been every bit as egregious as a vote for Donald.  Both would game the system – which last round was tight enough at the best.

Let’s be clear here that this is a big thing.  In Florida back in 2000 the state voted Bush by 537 and decided the election.  It is clear that the roll there was in error by way beyond the number of the majority

If it is proved that these aliens are logged onto the register is it fraud?   In the sense that say the Democrats wilfully packed the rolls with illegals to win over the state?.  Nope or at least not yet.  Personally I can just imagine how poorly paid the responsible job of being the election official in charge of the roll is.  Not.  No, more than likely it’s just down to a sloppy, inept, useless public service system that frankly could not care less.   Fixing the Voters Rolls, removing those who have died or moved away or who got lodged in error without being kicked by the Courts would just be too much like hard work.   Who cares?  Really does it matter?  Yada yada.   A demoralising job.

It may not be fraud.  It could be worse than that, it could be full on Federal scale institutional incompetence.

Florida’s voters’ rolls were happily stuffed with known dead people, people aged over 130, felons, invalid addresses and duplicates!  When they spot a voter is aged 130 they just sit there waiting for the death certificate to come in.  In real countries the office sends people out to the addresses they have concerns about and check face to face who is there.

The case will return.

Worst of all perhaps is the astonishing fact that some 51 million Americans are not on the rolls at all.  Which is 24%.  As a comparison Canada manages 93% eligibility.

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