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For the many not the Jew.

Oh dear, oh dear.  Evidence, if any of us needed it, of the gulf of competance between the leader of Britain’s left, and the leaders of  the American left – this merry row has got it all.

Apart from the obvious, that Bernie is a Jew, could you ever imagine Bernie Sanders ever getting himself into such a mess with minorities?  No of course not, because Bernie is a real live grown up politician seeking to remedy past outrages, not some sulky aging teenager with attitude problems to the way the world is, and a desire to join any daft organisation and band-wagon that finds easy faults.

Never challenged – intellectually, academically, or politically throughout his life in the backwoods of London’s Marxist sub culture, Jezza is finding trying to run a real life political party a bit difficult when you carry this sort of baggage about.

I mean who would have thought that just because Jeremy Corbyn donated money to a Holocaust denier, or openly welcomed the visit of a man who said Jèws drink the blood of Christian children he might possibly be seen as a teensy wee bit anti-Semitic?  Come on he only joined three anti-Semitic Facebook groups because they promoted his right-on left wing status, and he was just being polite when he laid a wreath at the grave of a Islamic terrorist.  Now please people remember when he took the money from the Iranian state that held a Holocaust denial conference, to which they invited former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke, this was a mistake anyone could make.  So, his most recent gaff, praising an anti-Semitic mural, daubed onto a wall of a street in an area of London traditionally associated with Jews was perfectly understandable from a busy man who dose not read what is in front of him.  And people accuse him of being anti-Semitic!

It just lends itself to memes like the one below put up by Lord Sugar. (a jewish member of the House of Lords).

corbyn and hitler

The man is at best an idiot with no political nous worse he has lost control of his party to a vile sub-culture that lurks everywhere in politics but is usually controlled.  Or he is an anti-Semite and must stand down.

And people say Jezza is a British Bernie!  And that their Labour party will win.  As if.

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