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Group of seven

The international spat between America and Canada over the weekend has illustrated magnificently the present gulf in understanding between Europe and America.  It has featured hugely in European press and social media memes.  See above.  And does Europe’s press and liberal establishment no credit.

The background is fairly straight-forward.  There was a regular meeting of the G7 great economic powers (minus Russia, China and India of course) at the weekend.  As Trump had signalled his distaste for European protectionism he had pre-warned about some upcoming tariffs he had in mind.  So far so good.  A bargaining stance for future discussion with the sight of what might happen should Europe get cute.  Or forget to cough up its 2% GDP towards their NATO bills.  It is clear this position is only for openers.

European powers led by the likes of Macron and Merkle were openly hostile, clearly seething at being spoken to in such a manner, and it was said to be a robust and strongly argued session on all sides.  Excellent.  Open discussion is what is needed.  Elitist disconnected politicians meeting with a popularist leader, whats not to like?

At the end of the meeting a joint declaration was cobbled together.  Not a love-in exactly but a reasonable enough work around to keep everyone in the same room for the future.  Business-like.  All nicely signed, so off The Donald swans to his far more important meeting with North Korea in Singapore.

And as soon as he is out of the room the children start to act up.  And the biggest child in the West at the moment is Justin Trudeau, the oligarchical, entitled, spoilt man-child of the elite 1%, who found the courage ,when the big boy was out the room, to spout that “….Canadians, we’re polite, we’re reasonable but we also will not be pushed about [by USA]”.  Clearly forgetting his father Pierre Trudeau’s wise advice that living with the USA was “like sharing a bed with an elephant”.

Note that Justin had been remarkably quiet at the meeting itself.

And this elephant was less than amused.  This sort of silly play acting may well work in student politics but to someone from a business background it just looks immature.  How can you trust an idiot like this?  Why waste time on fools like these?  And as Trudeau might have realised, if he had thought for one minute about where Trump was going in his plane, these comments would not be countenanced for one moment.

And it’s not as if “arse of the universe Trudeau” does not have form here.  Canadians too are mighty sick of his dragging the country down with his silly gap year style pranks.  Here is just a short list of ones which appeal to me.

Doing a “peacock yoga” pose on a conference table.

Jogging with the Mexican President in inappropriately short shorts.

That cringingly embarrassing push-up session at the Invictus Games.

His need to “rethink concepts as basic as space and time”.  Pure GW.

“The Budget (for 2016) will balance itself”.  It didn’t.

That bhangra dance scene on his recent India trip.

Treaudo looking an arse

What a complete arse.

Those dreadful fake, cheap, tacky and appalling “Traditional India stuff” he kept insisting on wearing during the trip.

Nope, Trump called this one right and you can measure the spin that Europe’s liberal mainstream press twist on it by reading their output.  The meme at the top is just one of the better examples.

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