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As Enoch Powell once mused, all political lives end in failure.  In that like an actor or comedian that is getting too long in the tooth and forgetting their timing, politicians never know when to leave the stage.

Had Angela Merkel decided to slope off in 2014 or so she would be remembered as one of the greatest post war leaders Europe ever saw.  Mutti indeed.  She has been in power even longer than FDR.  But no, like Adenauer before her she sat too long.

Her political legacy will be forever linked with that disastrous folly of allowing in unrestricted immigration in 2015 albeit done in a fit of well-meaning open heartedness.  It opened the floodgates to the right all across Europe and the AFD at home.  The ruin of a career.  Angela’s ashes indeed.  One lesson Donald might be learning as his own caravan of migrants approaches.

She now fondly imagines she might sit as Leader of her party, the CDU, until their conference in December and then stay on as Chancellor until 2021 when her term runs out.  Not a chance.  As soon as any politician openly says they are standing down the race for succession begins.  She simply will not make it to 2021 and even then, even today – her grip on power is clearly sliding away.  German risks becoming paralysed under her lame duck departure.  And with her Europe.


For the rest of the world, and America indeed this poses a problem.  With Merkel effectively off the stage who do they talk to in Europe?  Who does Donald phone?  The Brits are doing their level best to disengage entirely, the Italians are in a strop threatening the Eurozone, and the eastern side of the bloc are in open revolt about budgets and migrants.  As for Macron (our very own Poundshop Trudeau) and France, who would love to be the new Mr Big in Europe, that is just so hilarious it helps keep us all smiling through.

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