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Nancy Pelosi stood up yesterday after the results of the Mid-Terms were in to triumphantly shout out that “Tomorrow will be a new day in America”.  Really Nancy?  Why?  What happened to change things?

Sadly nothing.  Indeed, it was worse than that because the Democrats lost their last opportunity to get their act together for 2020.  They blew it.

Now as I see it, things would have been far, far better for the Democrats to have taken a thorough drubbing at the polls than being left with this half-hearted reverse.  This false win will only encourage them to continue with the failed policies and failed leaders they have embraced since Trump won in 2016.  Their “Blue Wave” was a faint dribble, a small splash, simply the usual push back that any administration would expect from mid-terms.  And not even an especially severe one.

There was nothing special about Tuesday.

It would have been so much better had they gone for a strategy of Lose short and Win long.  In other words, take a hit now and use the defeat to re-group under fresh leadership and new policies to compose a strategy which would overturn Trump and the Republicans.  But no, we are now stuck with the failed leadership and out-moded policies that have gripped the Dems since the inauguration.  God we even saw Hillary banging on last week about a possible run next time.

Two years of celebrity led screaming and ranting have led the Dems nowhere.  Who really cares what Oprah or Lady Gaga think?  What does Beyonce mean to me in my life beyond that she and her ilk are millionaires living very different lives to yours and mine.  Bet they have better health care too.  It didn’t work for Hillary when she was on the stump and will not work for the next Democrat hopeful either.  Continued use of celebrity endorsement does not work.  Period.  Lose the lovies and drop it now.

Two years of banging on and on that the Russians stole the election from them has simply not gathered traction.  Lose the chip.  Move on.  But their slight gains this week mean they will cling on like dogs with a bone to this meatless policy.

Investigations are a waste of Democrat time and energy, but will they listen if they feel that the wind is back with them?  More wasted effort and misdirected talent.

Hey! Maybe they could resurrect that Impeachment ploy?  My that would work.  Maybe we could just keep shouting “Trump’s a monster” because that’s obviously working too.  Look, unhinged levels of hatred are just off-putting.  The Dems could keep on pointing out that Trump is rude, abrasive and course, whilst forgetting about President Johnson (who at least was also very clever).  The Democrats seem to forget that politics is actually always rude, abrasive, course and bruising, and that’s just when it isn’t actually life threatening.  If they truly feel it’s rough house just now, they forget the sixties when Presidents and politicians were almost routinely being assassinated, and protestors gunned down by officers of the state.  The long hot summers?

We are now in the run up to the Presidential election of 2020.  The Democrats desperately need a new message.  They need new people to deliver it.  Now I like Nancy Pelosi, I like her quiet manner and intelligence, but she is 78.  There needs to be a new generation come forward and there needs to be time for the public to get to know them.  Two years is short enough.  And instead of wheeling out the celebs they should be getting hold of the ordinary voter.

Blue wave?  Yeah.  Not waving but drowning.

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