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Yes, its distressing.  Yes, it is nauseating.  But take the time to look. The picture above is what happens when you let anti-Semitism loose.  It will happen every single time.  The end result of anti-Semitism will always end up with heaps of corpses dumped into trenches.  And believe it or not – this picture which is a historic document, is placed behind a screen if you use it on Racebook.

And today we are more likely to repeat this atrocity then at any time in eighty years.  Why?  Because we refuse to teach it properly, because we deny it ever happened, or when pushed into admitting it happened, seek to dilute the very particular Jewish element of this horror

For, despite the best efforts of the cynical left to tell us otherwise, the Holocaust was a uniquely Jewish event.  Certainly, once it was ongoing other groups became swept up into its demonic maw, but they were if I might use an appalling phrase for appalling times – collateral incidental casualties.   The Holocaust was instigated as a systematic bureaucratic industrial programme specifically designed to eradicate all the Jews of Europe.   Indeed Hitler even dreamt of eradicating Jews everywhere.  It was not a pogrom, nor a forced expulsion to another country, nor was it a localised slaughter nor yet the result of starvation as other ethnic crimes had been.  It was the sheer size, the jaw-droppingly awful deliberate efficiency of the German extermination that marked the Holocaust out as specifically awful.  Biafra was hunger, Cambodia a civil war, the destruction of the Kurds was not systematic, death in the Gulags lacked nationalist identification.  The Holocaust has an importance special in and of itself.  Commemorating this event on its own does not take away from other genocides but the Holocaust remains so egregious, so specifically Jewish that it deserves its own unique commemoration.  It was so appalling it must be a remain a singular warning for all time.

Of course, we need memorials to the suffering of Seventh Day Adventists, the disabled and mentally ill,  homosexuals or gypsies who were also killed by the Nazis.  But if you wish to remember all genocides, then have another day, and call it Genocides day.

We risk diluting the message of the Holocaust by forgetting it, and replacing it with other genocides.  This only seeks to slowly push the Jewish experience off stage where it can then become first ignored and then forgotten by the majority, and ready to be repeated by fresh monsters.  And for monsters we do not have far to look.  In Britain our left wing Labour party is in danger of being taken over by Anti Semites abetted by their woeful leader Jeremy Corbyn.  In America the Far Right take up the cudgels of hate and in Europe a combination of the Far Right and the Far Left as well as fundamentalist Muslims that see Jews as a people to exterminate everywhere.

Copyright David Macadam 2019