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In the week that Sanders announces that he will be running again for President in 2020 we see once more the appalling gap between progressive intelligent democratic socialism as envisaged by Bernie, and the insane old time student non-sense of the deluded leader of the Labour party in Great Britain, to whom Bernie is so often unfairly compared.

Despite umpteen countries and organisations around the world (Including both the USA and the Arab league) declairing that Hezbollah is an Anti Semitic organisation and a Terrorist organistion with no false separation between military and political divisions Jeremy Corbyn announces that the British Labour Party will not support any ban.

I understand he could be heard mumbling the lyrics to his favourite song this morning…

“Don’t blame it on the Sunni shine,
Don’t blame it on the mullah,
Don’t blame it on the hard times,
Blame it on the burqa!”

Which is as light as I can make it.  Jeez-oh British politics at the minute – who would have thought it could be run by two knuckleheads at the same time?

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