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Tremble in fear puny Democrats!

Readers will already know of my love of statues of American Presidents especially those scattered around Europe.  They can be found here, and here and here.

So, it is a delight to see that the tradition is not only being continued but keeps a contemporary feel to it too.  Bet Trump just looves all that bling and caesar schtick.


The picture above is of Trump reimagined as God Emperor in the style of Warhammer 40000, and wheeled out on a float for the annual Carnevale Di Viargeggio festival in Tuscany Italy last month.  Its huge!  Trump God stands fully 65 feet tall and is moveable with solid gold leaf diadem, claw like hands and a monstrous great sword.  And if you look real carefully (just for all you Dems) there is a little head of Putin on his shoulders dripping poison in his ears.


We have come a long way from those representations of Roosevelt in the years after the war.  This is a fantasy president portrayed as full-blown fantasy life grotesque.

I suspect Trump is delighted with it.

So, I will finish with another of the floats, a little less publicised, that of Trumpy-poo in his pyjamas.  Ahh that’s a bit more settling.



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