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So far this year we have a rich crop of hopefuls on the democrat side all hoping for the golden ticket.  They are diverse, racially spread, some young, some more mature.  Some even look half sensible.  They come from all backgrounds and many states.   Sadly they are very unlikely to win next year.

And why?  Well that is down to the party’s insane decisions after 2016 to do its dog in a manger act.  Despite having run quite the dumbest campaign in a long time they could not let go of this meatless old bone.  They insisted on pedalling a entire raft of old fart in the face of facts and lost the grip entirely.  Now they dont have time.

In a hysterical panic they continued to push this damn fool Russiagate story for years, only for it to run aground, they tried the sexy Stormie Daniels tack and that didnt work either.  They “discovered” pee tapes and then couldnt prove that either, and their obstruction line fell too.  Yes Trump is a rude old white man.  So was Johnson.  They cannot see that for many voters Immigration IS an issue so pushing open borders, abolished ICE and giving any old migrant that hoves up housing and free medical care is NOT a vote winner.

Worse despite their fears (or was it really hopes?) the economy is strong, wages are on the rise after years of being in the doldrums, jobs are up too and stocks are on the rise.  Economically whats not to like?

Worst of all that horrid man Trump has not started any wars at all and may have stopped a few.

If they had any sense they would have dumped the old guard by the start of 2017 and instead of moaning on and on come up with a candidate that looked alive, was positive and had some new ideas and policies.  Frankly I fear they have left it too late.  And their lineup supports that fear.  Still we will enjoy the laughs, miss their shinning eyes and sweaty palms

Still for what its worth here they are :

  1. JOE BIDEN.  Old firm, loads of baggage, part of the problem, segregationist years ago, bad habit of trying to kiss people who arent interested.  Has about $10 million in the bank.  Just gets in the way of a decent candidate.
  2. ELIZABETH WARREN.  Coming back up after all that Pocahontas stuff of being 1/32 Cherrokee.  Plans to wipe out student debt, has a wealth tax plan for the super rich, and hoards $19 million in the battle fund.  Might be seen as old guard and at 69 a bitty old.
  3. BERNIE SAUNDERS. Yep he’s back.  Well funded at $27 million.  Minimum wage and free college tuition.  Bit old, might be seen as having had his time. Bernie lost 2/3 of his support when he endorsed Hillary in the hope by doing that the party would not obstruct his next shot.  But they are anyway.  Verdict?  Dead in the water.
  4. KAMALA HARRIS.  Popular and at 54 in the right age bracket.  Is hitting Biden big time.  And all for Equal pay equal pay.  Well funded too at £13 million.  Did I mention that Equal pay business?  Should do well.
  5. PETE BUTTIGEG 37 year old Mayor making a big hit this round.  Probably a touch of the Icarus about his run.  Not good with Black issues and a bit too Christian for some.  And getting rid of the Electoral College is a pipe dream.
  6. CORY BOOKER Very very liberal.  Love, unity, grace, Marijuna ,Housing and Baby Bonds.   Fat chance but nice bloke.
  7. BETO O’ROURKE Slipping already looking to reboot.  Immigration reformer.  Not this time.  Or ever really.
  8. AMY KLOBUCHAR 58 years old.  Unruffelled but poor support so far.  Wants statehood for Washington DC.
  9. ANDREW YOUNG Businessman.  Real outsider.  Universal basic Income candidate.
  10. JAY INSLEE Plans to be the 1st Climate Change President.  Evergreen economics etc etc.  He will not be bothering us long I fear.
  11. JULIAN CASTRO The only Latino candidate.  Immigration, Education and Get Rid of Lead Poisoning.
  12. TULSI GABBARD Iraq vet and a Hindu female candidate.  There sadly to tick boxes.
  13. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND “The Fearless One” Very strong womens candidate.  Popular and sensible but no funding.
  14. MARIANNE WILLIAMSON Against moral dysfunction.  Reparations for black people.  Out first opportunity I suspect.
  15. JOHN DELANEY Another marijuana fan and national Unity candidate.  Bit light on economics and foreign policies some of these eh?
  16. TIM RYAN a nine term congressman from Ohio with a bid to win back those dissaffected the Dems have so shamefully ignored these last 50 years.  Into solar and wind power.
  17. JOHN HICKENLOOPER from Colorado.  Ex Governor aged 67 and for Gun Control.  Remember this name.  Because you will not be seeing it much again.
  18. BILL De BLASIO an ex-mayor of New York.  He wasnt so popular there.
  19. STEVE BULLOCK from Montana with a crusade to drive money out of politics.  Clearly starting with his own campaign fund.
  20. MICHAEL BENNET 54 year old ex-Senator keen on Medicare.
  21. ERIC SWALWELL 38 year olf California congressman keen on Gun Control
  22. SETH MOULTON ex Marine and promoting the military.
  23. WAYNE MESSAN Wants to sort Student Debt but is short of cash and has no staff.
  24. STACY ABRAMS Wants to register voters.
  25. MICK GRAVEL A very old man from Alaska.

    As far as is clear the programme is Health Care, Immigration, Taxes, Child Care, College Loans, Abortion, Transgender Rights, Breaking California into separate new states and raising DC and Puerto Rico to full statehood.

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