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In your dreams…

In a stage managed event designed by the Democrats to give a final boost to that dead horse lying on the beltway they wheeled in Mueller to give evidence (and defribralate the old horse) to Judicial and Intelligence Committees. They hoped something just something might give them a handle to lever Impeachment.

Doubtless then they were disappointed when Mueller turned in a feeble performance that made Joe Biden look youthful and sprightly, Mueller stuttered and stumbled his way through the questioning looking both lost and doddery.

“Um yes…..” and “What? Could you repeat the question?” to “Its… er…I rely on my report” were the bulk of the answers.  Opague, obtuse, and useless.  Nothing persuaded the old boy to expand on his 448 page doorstop of a report..

At times he looked like he didnt know his way round his own document.  Sometimes one wondered if he had actually read it far less written it.  It wasnt his best moment.

If anything proves my assertion that the Dems must move away from this obsession they have regarding Trump and the Russians if they have any hope whatsoever of winning in 2020 this shambolic overblown damp squib was it.

If the Dems want to win – then give it up, move on, find something that the American public are interested in, and find a candidate that can engage with the public.

Copyright David Macadam 2019