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It’s not such a stupid idea?

The dog days of August blow heat and dust through the news rooms, blogosphere and bar counters everywhere.  Everyone is away on holiday and nothing much is happening.  Those left watch their screens and schedules fill with unconsidered trivia, Cat videos and stuff about Prince Andrew, oh and Democrat woes.  What better time then now for an incumbant President to come up with a blue sky thought, a light bulb moment, something to really grab the attention of even the most jaded observer.

And boy has Trumpy come up with a doozy.  Lets Annex Greenland!  And the Liberals scatter like wet hens clucking their indignation to anyone who’d listen.  How could he?  The very thought! As if!  What does he think we are?

Well Trump knows very well what you are.

You are Americans, and buying great big chunks of land is EXACTLY what you do.  Manifest Destiny and all that jazz.

Remember Louisiana?  America got that at rock bottom fire sale prices off Napoleon back in 1803 when you were barely 36 years old, doubling your country at a stroke.

1819 saw the Red River annexation and in 1819 the US  got Florida for the cost of picking up a Spanish Tab.

1845 and Texas, 1846 Oregon and 1848 New Mexico.

1853 saw the Us buy the Gadsen Purchase.

Alaska you bought of an indifferent Russian Empire back in 1867 who saw little usefor yet more pine forest, giving you a vast territory.

It wasn’t as if the Danish Government had’nt flogged off assets to America before.  Remember the Danish West Indies in 1917?  You have these now as the American Virgin Islands.

Grief the US even floated buying Iceland in 1867!

Its not even the first time America has tried to buy Greenland.  Truman offered Denmark $100 million in gold in 1946.

And boy has he got your attention with this one.  Whats not to like?  Gold, diamonds, rubies, copper, olivine, marble and of course…oil.  The present climatic uncertainties in the area are pushing its geopolitical importance ever upwards.  Peering into Putin’s back parlour has to worth something eh?  Sure there are about 56,000 people living round the coast who have their own government within the Danish system and are likely to say no initially.  But hey, we have hardly begun to negotiate and bribe and pork barrel.

And that of course is why Denmark has got all hot and scratchy about it.  We are no longer in a time when such purchases required just the two governments and bugger the populations that live there.  Now we consult.  And Greenland has such a degree of autonomy from Denmark (its own legislature and Parliament) that Denmark is but one of the stakeholders.

There would be problems.  It would be an extraordiary move.  Well yes and no – we have been here before.  It would be terribly expensive.  But so is your defense budget.

If the Greenlanders are clever they would insist on Citizenship and most importantly statehood so they dont get stuck like Puerto Rico in a half way limbo.  But thats manageable too.

And Trump’s offended the Danes.  So what.  That will blow over or it wont, it doesnt matter.  All they sell is bacon and Lego bricks anyway.

Big acquisitions are THE way to get remembered as a President.  That was what Truman wanted, although he didnt get it.  Eisenhower by converting Alaska and Hawaii from terriotories did.

And we might choose to remember that no American President has died under the same flag he born under.  As a real estate dealer would that not be the purchase of the century and the absolute acme of his achievements?

Personally I feel Trumpy might be on a firmer footing upping Puerto Rico to full statehood.  But hey ho.

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