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But sadly not for President, at least not for the 2020 Presidental race.  John Patrick Kennedy III (38) the latest sprig from that vast Oligarchical rats nest of a Political Family has announced he intends to stand for Senator in Massacusetts in 2020 against Sen. Markey (73) who doubtless will be persuaded to take the easy route and give in quietly to allow the Oligarch’s favorite scion to have an easy run.

Clearly, despite hopes, Kennedy, who is the grandson of Robert F Kennedy and grandnephew of President John Kennedy as well as being son of Jack Kennedy II, has denied us the chance of a Presidental run of the ginger v the orange.  Proof if you needed it that those in the know see the 2020 Presidental race as Trump’s for the taking. The present sclerortic Democratic party simply cannot touch Trump.  Hopefully after being squashed again the Dems will clear out their Augean Stables of aged old has-beens and never-quite-made-its preparatory to giving a younger generation with better name recognition a shot.

The Kennedys are coming (again).

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