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Then again should we decide on an election….

No apologies for going back to what is happening in Britain for a post.  What is occuring is a symptom of the overall dissatisfaction felt across the West for the established order.

So…despite the Supremes having had a hissy fit on Monday what exactly has happened?  Well, the clock continues to run as it has this last fortnight.

Boris is now expected to ask for an extension – but no-one knows what it is to be used for, and they are all shouting at once.

The EU still cannot see any proposal coming forward that would command any sway in Parliament.  So why should the EU grant any extension?

Boris’s polling continues to climb, improving day by day.  The peasants like his style.  They have finally seen through Corbyn as the dithering mediocrity he is.   The Labour party cannot find any stance to call their own.

Labour, as we saw at Conference this weekend, are in abject chaos.  They stall and stall avoiding asking for the election the country is crying out for.  For God’s sake Boris is offering one to you!

Take an election and take it now.  Decide this matter once and for all.  Or take another Referrendum either or both but bloody move. Shit or get off the pot.

Which do you think the electorate finds more repulsive?

The PM ill-advisedly proroguing a parliament that had done SFA in three years in order to help a long-awaited democratic decision over the line?

Or a globalist corporate remain establishment squatting constipated in parliament on a false prospectus using a magically invented new law, denying the electorate its voice and a general election, thwarting Brexit and stymying the executive?

The corporate remain establishment might think it’s the former.

I  respectfully disagree.

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