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What is it with the Democrats and this Impeachment fetish?  What drives them on and on to try to lay this on Trump.  Did they learn nothing from Mueller?

It seems not.  Now Nancy Pellosi has officially fired the starting gun on the race to Impeach Trump before the 2020 elections.  Good luck to her.  God knows she will need it.

The basics, for those not living inside the beltway, are these.  Trump is supposed, during a telephone call to Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy discussing a package of aid from the states to the Ukraine, to suggest that Zelenskiy might help out with an investigation of creepy Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s dealing with a gas company in the Ukraine during the time when Joe Biden was leading Obama’s mission to Kiev.  Trump clearly feels there was some fiddling was ongoing somewhere, and wondered if Zelenskiy could assist Giuliani to see if Joe Biden benefited at all.

This is expected by the Democrats to be the new big thing, the phone call that will destroy the Trump administration to bring him down in a blaze of condemnation etc etc yadda yadda.  In truth it is far more likely to destroy Biden’s run at Presidency in 2020 than it will lay a finger on Trump.

So far there is no evidence whatsoever.  No unspecified promises.  No details at all.  No corroboration.  No sign said aid money was ever delayed.  Indeed it was all paid over way back.  Nothing actually happened.  No hotels were built.

Biden though is a fragile front runner and scrutiny of his son’s business deallings will only raises questions about old man Biden’s long life in the swamp.

Maybe we might look at Bidens money.  Back in 2008 as a senator he earned $165,200 as a salary with an extra $20K as a lecturer and $112K for a book.  So far so average for a Senator.

After leaving Obama’s administration Biden is supposed to be worth in the region of $15,000,000.  Really?  Money from a book? What was it a new Harry Potter? (Title suggestions in comments please!).  It sold for $13  and so he would have made $33 ish on each?

So Mr Biden where did you get all your money from?

This Impeachment ploy is the Democrats last best hope to show Trump is a criminal but don’t bet on it getting far.

But it IS a glorious gift to every candidate whose name is not Biden.

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