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Theo Clarke prospective Conservative candidate for Stafford posing with failed Prime Minister Theresa May.

Today I would like to take a hard look at one of those families that can point up most clearly those interconnection between the Oligarchy in the US and the Ruling Elites both here and in Europe.  The same old families over and over again.  This time its Roosevelt and Rees-Mogg a study in mud.


Roosevelt, Rees-Mogg and Theo Clarke

If we start with Jacob Rees-Mogg up on centre right we find that he is a Member of Parliament and Leader of the House of Commons.  His sister Annunciata is (for now at least) a member of the European Parliament.  They themselves come from politically active families the mother being a Mayor of St Pancras and the father now a Lord was Editor of the London Times.

reese mogg

Rees-Mogg a vision of an Edwardian Mortician at the corpse of democracy. To paraphrase his neice.

Jacob marries Helena Anne Beatrix Wentworth FitzWilliam de Chair whose sister Theresa Loraine Aphrodite (dont you just looove these names) de Chair had married Sir Charles Mansfield Tobias (call me Toby) Clarke the 6th Baronet.  Clearly we are in the social stratosphere now! And its their daughter Theodora Roosevelt Clarke Rees-Mogg’s neice that is standing as the Conservative Parlimentary Candidate for Stafford in the election on 12th December.

But why the “Roosevelt”?  Well, Toby’s granny was one Elfrida Roosevelt of the Oyster Bay Roosevelts which makes little Theodora 1st Cousin 3 times removed from President Teddy Roosevelt and 2nd Cousin 3 times removed from Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Hence the Theo.

Should Theo gain the seat – and it is a fairly solid Conservative seat – then she will link the United States Oligarchy with the British Ruling elite as well as the European Parliament.

She’s obviously a bit shy about her illustrious heritage as she has taken care to drop the Roosevelt pro tem and shorten the first name off to Theo.  Wonder if the good people of Stafford are aware?

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