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I may run, I may not run but I want my voice heard
for $250 000 a speaking engagement….

The papers are full of it.  Well even more so than usual.  In a desperate attempt to jolly everyone along in a flat month before Christmas, they have started the gun on Hillary’s return to the White House.  They claim that she had won more than 3 million extra voters in the popular count and has been vindicated on all points following her run.  She deserves it – no YOU deserve it to let ol Hills run one last time.

Seriously?  You really think this is likely (far less desirable?).  Its not as if the Democrates are not chocked with old age pensioners waving their zimmers in the air and hoping to gain the White House.  There is Bernie (78), Biden (76) and Warren a spring chicken of a gal at 70.  Do they really need another?  Can I be the only one wishing they would clear out these old crocks and let in some light?

And of course there are those questions about Hillary’s health.  Does she have cardiac arythmia?  Did she wear a portable defribulator under her jacket last time round?  I cant answer those questions and neither can you.  But she was clearly finding it all a bit of a strain.  Falling down stairs, walking as if her feet were just killing her, and needing a little nap in the afternoons.  Its not going to be any easier next time.  She’s too tired too lifeless to run the race,

Just because Biden has fallen into that Trump trap he dug over Ukraine, and Hillary is certain that he has to drop out the race shortly,  does not mean the people will then bay for her return.  There were too many mistakes made in the campaign.  She visited the wrong states.  She mucked up.

So what is all this about?  If she is not running why the fuss?  Surely its not because she has a new book coming out, attention is a bit down and she needs to pump up attendance figures?

Oh look.


Remember.  With the Clintons it is always about the money.

Copyright David Macadam 2019