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Quando vas es adhaesit
et scio quid facicur ut
satus a pugna.
Reliqua autem semita
ut pat et de luxuria ad ianuam

Its been a good week for Trump.  Not that you would have guessed it at the beginning.  There he was beset by the Dems endlessly banging on about Impeachment with no escape in sight. And the press just kept at him.

Then there was that attack on an Embassy and an American contractor is killed.  What on earth should he do?

Maybe he read the same books I do.  Certainly I remember years ago when in a similar dilema of indecision wandering into a second hand bookshop in Edinburgh, and having been brought up proper, perusing the Classical books section where a work on Cicero caught my eye.  Always one for the bon mot, Cicero had the very salve for my (and by extension) Trump’s predicament.  The Latin above reads as

If you are stuck and don’t know what to do
Start a fight,
And in the ensuing rammy
A path will clear to the door.

Rammy being good Scots word for a bar fight.  Cicero must have drunk in the same type of establishments as me.

So he did.  He droned bombed a senior Iranian General in broad daylight and as predicted all hell breaks loose.  The press shift to full on Third World War mode, The Dems are distracted to call him a war monger, and the Iranians find the highest horses in the country to declame from.

So far so good at least they stopped moaning on about impeachment.

Natuarally the Iranians decide to take “reevenge” but not being terribly good at strategic warfare as opposed to killing children and civilians they bodged the job.  Screeds of missiles are fired off in the general direction of some American bases where they do’nt hit anything important, and do’nt kill anyone.

Except for the one that some idiot (probably tired, badly trained and excitable) launches  at a civilian flight out of the capital’s airport.  All 176 die and for Iran the world turns.  In an instant they loose the moral ground.  They also look amatuerish and sloppy.  Worse the rift they had engineered between the Europeans and the American over the treaty evaporates for the time being and they are left with a huge problem.

Trumpy-poo though looks good.  Almost statesman like.  He has dealt effectively with the embassy incidents.  He has acted proportionately.  There is no threat of war – indeed his actions will probably have detered the hotter heads in Iran from any further action.  Iran by hitting the civilian plane is shown to be untrustworthy and warlike.  He has unified the Europeans and Canada who didnt like his walking away from the Obama treaty and who are now enraged about the loss of the aeroplane and finally as a by the by, extinguished America’s problems with having downed that Iranian jet all those years ago.

And his voter base will think he is God’s gift.

Yep, Its been a good week.


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