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The blind, child-like assertion of believing what you wish for is real, is never going to work, especially in politics, despite having been told umpteen times.  The facts never support the biased Dem media contentions, but hey who cares about facts lets kick the orange man because he just HAS to be bad.  And it grants the bold boy a propaganda boost like the above.

So, of course, Impeachment has collapsed as many (including Oligarch Kings always said it would).  It was rubbish from the beginning.  It was NEVER going to fly.  Rubbish on stilts.  And it’s no good Warren banging on about the subject needing to be given a proper airing so the people can decide.  It was a waste of good time like everything the Democrat party has done in the last three years.

No policies, no fresh ideas, no way forward, no decent candidates, and an endless mantra of “we wuz robbed”, “he is a nasty vulgar man (unlike the paragon of virtue that is Hillary)”, and “anyway it wuz the Russians wot did it”.

So, we had this pretentious guf about impeachment.  Wasting time when the Primaries are looming, wasting opportunities to lay before the American people genuine progressive policies that would appeal to voters.  We can simply add this self-indulgent foolery to the long list of rubbish about Trump and his lack of political nous.

We can cite how the liberals said Trump would start WWIII with China over Taiwan’s inauguration phone call, or that Trump would start an global economic war with China over trade sanctions, or Trump would start WWIII by withdrawing from NATO,.  No really this time Trump would inflame the middle by bombing Russian bases, or again that Trump will start a war moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.  Or that targeted assassinations would set fire to the Middle East or that Trump was about to start WWIII by pulling out of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Agreement.  Or that Trump would start WWIII with North Korea.  Hey! Trump will sell out the U.S. to get peace with North Korea because he wants a cheap Nobel prize just like the Dem’s boy got.  Trump will start WWIII because he is Hitler, because he is erratic, because he is mentally ill, because he is impulsive, because he is isolated from solid Democrat Liberal thinking, Trump will (insert anything you like here) to distract us from Mueller, Comey, or impeachment.

Trump will start a war over Venezuela, Trump will start a genocide of Kurds with Turkey, Trump will start a Mideast war after Iran attacked a Saudi oil facility or shot down a drone, Remember when Trump was starting a civil war inside the U.S. after Charlottesville, or diverting the good American Liberals from their midterms?  Remember when Trump was not going to allow any further elections and be Dictator for life?  Remember he would not leave if he lost and those lies?  Best of all Trump is a Russian asset, or Trump owes Putin billions, And, when, that doesn’t get traction try good ol’ fashioned sex.  Trump is a pee tape sex pervert.

Of course Trump will start a recession, or maybe we can try that old canard that Trump will trigger a depression, Why not lie that Trump is rich from emoluments, or instead Trump is almost bankrupt with hidden taxes.  The old ones of “the stock market will crash” are always worth a shot.   Trump will take away health care, Trump will imprison LGBTQXYZ people, Trump will end legal abortion, Trump has America on the brink…

Is this really the best they can do?

The Democrats have tried everything except the bleeding obvious.  They lost sooooo find some good policies.  Connect with the voters again.  Find some better spokespersons and get a decent raft of candidates to choose from.  Get rid of these ancient old fools cluttering up the Democrat politburo.

But now they lost the big one, the one they staked the ranch on, now they ploughed the Impeachment process it’s all too late.  Even if they tried to recoup they wasted three years and are lost.

Sit back and watch Trump win again.

Copyright David Macadam 2020