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The establishment’s latest dressing up box…scared yet?

Now I’m not that old – certainly not old enough to be at severe risk of Covid19, but I do remember living through a real actual pandemic way way back in 1968 and 69 (it came in two blows).  Yes I really did and I lived!  This was the Hong Kong flu pandemic and it swept across the world eventually killing 4,000,000 of whom 33,000 were in Britain and I cannot remember the country breaking step at any time.  No schools shut, no factories were forced to lay off employees and offices stayed resolutly open.  We caught buses, took trains and coughed and sneezed over each other just as the British have always done.  And no, no-one wore those damn stupid masks.

So why the hysteria today?  And it is hysteria when fat women from the residium brawl in a shop for lavvy paper.

loo roll

The modern state seems to believe it can only preserve itself when it can induce a constant state of emergency and anxiety in its population.  Hence we have a never ending round of things for us to concern ourselves with and have a little panic over, be that Brexit (we got at least three years out of that one), national identity and blue passports, privacy, technology, the heat death of the oceans, wildfires, climate shock, the Russians, the Muslims, and of course God Emporer Trump.

It sort of boils down to two basic things.

1, Why is there no longer a sober considered reaction to things?  People nowadays lack all sense of perspective.  They have no knowledge of the past (otherwise the pandemic of 1968 would be a comfort to them).  They are not taught History so as to lobotmise their intellects to stiffle informed debate.  They cannot count either so cannot see that a death rate of 33,000, appaling as it is for their families, does not impinge on a population of 68,000,000.

2.  What causes this hysteria?  Well the media do.  Unlike in 1968 when we only had two TV channels, and paper newspapers, and no internet our news was limited.  Not by content we had good quality comment but by quantity.  Today the channels are full of it. (Aint that the truth)  24 hours a day they breathlessly report the same stuff over and over again to get an effect and frankly if scaring people ups the rating  – scared they will make you.  And its never off the air, endless ways to try and get you further concerned.  Panic buying, school closures and work place shut downs.   In depth position pieces on the best way to wash your hands.   The National Enquirer is only the worst example I can immediatly lay my hands on, saying “Coronavirus will infect 100 million Americans with 7 million deaths.  Riots, famine, economic collapse” and “unstoppable plague bringing chaos and economic disaster”.   Even the BBC which one feels ought to know better ran a piece about “the village that practised Self isolation duuring the Black Death in 1349.  Its only the flu! The only alternatives to this drivel are endless silly games shows, and ghastly tacky song and dancing for common people in their underwear.

Seriously the media (and the bloody sparrow minded political class) are in grave danger of pushing the economy of the West into an entirely unnecessary recession.

Politicians too were always keen to jump onto a passing bandwagon but they have even less restraint than previously.   Always the need for “A call to Action”.  Running about being bossy and officious telling others how.  Wild talk of shutting schools for months on end (which did not happen in 1968) closing universities (that didn’t happen either), quaranteening entire regions, which you guessed didnt happen.  Getting people to “work from home” like thats ever going to happen.   The quality of political intake falls by the year.  Some of this lot even suggest closing Washington or shutting Parliament so that their darling elderly incumbants (Lords and Senators) dont take a dose and fall off their well padded perches.

My fear is that they will succeed in closing down society but after a while there will be a backlash, at probably the point where it might have been usefull.  Thereafter they will be unable to manage the crisis and the epidemic will roll over into the autumn for a second bite at us.  We would be better just getting it over and done with, develop the herd immunity and move on.  Like um what we did in ’68.

Makes you think Trump had a point.

Maybe the Internet could step up to the plate to show it can give sane leadership!

Copyright David Macadam 2020

And if it all fails to scare you why not invent a NEW super mutated varient from Hell which WILL sweep us all away.







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