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Why?  Why a Trump store, and why in Philadelphia?  Its certainly been gathering the brick bats.  Its is Bensalem “the tacky end of Phily” as its snobbishly described.  You can buy a MAGA hat, T shirts, Wall constuctor shirts, pins, badges oh the whole lot here all under one roof.   The press clearly dont like it and the city kids on it lowers the tone.  As if.

But why?  Well it just might be a reaction to the fact that Phily the City of Brotherly love is just about the most corrupt place in municipal America.  Its politicians continually cover themselves in misdeeds, mischief making, pork barrel policies and plain old nepotism.  The city has been described as “apathetic” to it all which is why it florishes.  I think they gave up.  Until old Trumpy-poo hove up on the scene.  Here if anywhere in America is a swamp worth draining and in the mud this green shoot has appeared.


Various corrupt and mildly oligarchic people and families seem to have Phily in a throttle hold.  Here are some of my favourites.  Apologies to any that I miss out.

The Blackwell family.  Jannie married Lucien Blackwell the US Representaive there and took over his seat (very American that) when he stood down.  Their son is Thomas Blackwell who sits in the Pennsylvania House.

Buddy Cianfrani the State Senator who took over from his father Henry B Cianfrani in 1956.  Always seen as “larger than life” he got imprisioned for racketering, bribery, obstruction and tax evasion in the 1970’s.

The Donatucci family with Rep Maia married to the late Robert Donatucci and their son himself a former Rep and a millionaire Ronald Donatucci the Register of Wills.

US Rep Chaka Fattah got ten years in the poky in 2016 for various offences and his son Former US Rep Chaka Fattah jun. served 46 months for bank and tax fraud.

What a lovely place no wonder they have a Trump store.

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