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Now as you may be aware I just looove statues, especially when these are of American politicians. They sort of dress a city, are a focus and a joy to visit and admire, and whether you approve of their policies or not, they help tell the story of their times.

I especially collect those of American politicians etc in foreign places. They are unexpected often raising questions about connections and family. I thought you might enjoy some new ones I found.

The above is simply a doozy. The best that might be said for it is that it is rustic. Others have branded her a “smurfette” and an embarrasment. She is of course (you guessed already didnt you?) Melania Trump, hacked from a nine foot tree with a chainsaw and exhibited near her old home town of Sevnica in Slovenia formerly part of Yugoslavia. It was carved (if that is entirely the appropriate word) by a local although one Brad Downie an America “artist” claims the inspirational credits.

I am assured that drink had no part to play in her creation.

Never mind, there are tours!

And Yes, the statue’s face has had less work done on it that the real Melania’s.

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