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The man who confused his wife for his sister.

Not much of a political obituary is it?

Umm it’s not quite working out as hoped eh? Biden is in a whole world of pain and no-one can see his way through to the White House.

There is a reason Senators rarely if ever make it to the White House, and it is because they carry too much baggage. Biden has been 48 years a Senator and done damn all during that time, why does he believe we think it will all change come next January? Yeah, he carries a trains worth of baggage. Opposition to same-sex marriages just being one. But hey! We’ve all moved on right?

Cognitive questions. Piling up by the day. As one Fox commentator wittily put it “Biden has fought for years to do Presidential Politics, and now he is not there to enjoy it”. He has not helped himself by hiding in his basement during coronavirus quarantine making dreadful videos. If you like laughing at doddery old men, then check out his back catalogue. It’s not presidential. Check if I have a point. Look back at say his speeches in 2016. Here, unlike today, he finishes sentences, completes his thoughts, does not stutter, and looks like he knows where he is. It’s a big change.

Here is a beauty but only one out of many. A sort of E Pluribus Unum of cringe.


Stupid gaffs. “We believe in facts not truth” is a very cynical joke. But he didn’t mean that.

Strength and stamina questions. You need to be fit to run a Presidential campaign. Does Biden have the physicality to run all over the country during an election? After all this is exactly what floored Hillary.

Family. Son Hunter Biden has host of embarrassing past actions which can be leveraged to upset daddy. His business deals surrounding Burisma and the Ukraine are open to accusations of corruption and he has had a wonderfully lurid private life.

Worse there are women. Lots and lots of women. Creepy Joe has way too much form on this to slime free easily. Lets just start with Anita Hill and move on down. He has a long history of inappropriate touching and being known as “Creepy Joe” ain’t going help a campaign. Think Tara Reade or Amy Klocbucher.

The Dems have managed to change the law on sexual assault from proof to “credible accusation” and their movement #BelieveAllWomen is now about to come back and bite them and Biden real hard. Watch the fun as they try to wriggle free. The Dems will be furiously pursued by the GOP all the way to November.

If the Dems let Biden run against Trump, then Trump will win hands down. They know it and so does everyone else. This man is a huge risk. They need to get him to step back. Maybe he will be a bit sick over the summer?

So even if Biden does back out whom could the Democrats hope to pass this puss filled chalice onto? Well, Andrew Cuomo is a certainty, he isn’t liked particularly, but is respected as a tough guy who gets things done. He is also oligarchy and that, as this whole site shouts, is what counts. Actually Cuomo has a real chance.

I suppose Sherrod Brown is another candidate. Both big hitters both with solid bases. Why one may even suggest Joseph Patrick Kennedy III, although my bet is he will sit this shit storm out and come in as the white knight next time.

The problem with any of these replacements is Bernie, or rather Bernies numerous supporters who are unlikely to sit back and accept some desperate shenanigans by the Dem elite to shoehorn their latest candidate in at the expense of good ol’ Bernie. They would be incensed by some xxxxx non-primary fighter with no delegates being parachuted in over Bernie. And if Bernie’s supporters will not vote for Biden as they didn’t vote for Hillary the Dems lose. Again. We might note that Bernie has not quite exited the fight yet. Bernie is still holding in because if Biden has to be shown where the door is he feels this time is his time.


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