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“I’d just like to reach out to America…..”

The Democrats have awoken from a deep and troubled sleep. Bleary-eyed they decide to shove an old senile man out from his warm comfy basement into the sun. Yes indeed, Joe Biden is all but set to be DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR 2020!

Whoopy do.

There are very good reasons that Senators don’t win Presidential races. The principal one being they just carry too much baggage. Isn’t that so Hillary? Creepy Joe looks set to be the next proof of this proposition.

It’s difficult to work out what question Joe Biden is the answer to.

Biden’s been there in Congress for 44 years. Yes, FORTY-FOUR YEARS, and in all that time has done diddly squat for the people. And you are fondly expected to believe it is all about to change right now?

Yep they have wheeled out an old segregationalist apologist from the 1970’s into todays heated race debates. But hey he learned from them days. Now Biden makes certain he stands on no particular cause, that way he keeps ahead. He’s no more for the people than any of the other washed up Dems of the last few cycles. And he makes mistakes. He supported the banks against the Industrial region he grew up in. He gave the workers austerity, and the students huge loans to pay back. He bailed out the crooks who crashed the economy in 2008 and became well-heeled on the returns.
He has been there near enough a half century, and has got things horribly, horribly, wrong at every turn. He supported the Iraq War, He plagiarized his speeches, and is gaff prone at every turn. He supported NAFTA and hollowed out manufacturing in America. He has a host (well eight) of women stating he touched them inappropriately. Just what you need going into a Presidential race.

Here is what ol’ Joe is, or is not:-
He is NOT liberal.
He is NOT a fan of Medicare.
He is NOT for free tuition
He is NOT a pacifist
He is NOT woke
He is NOT articulate
He is NOT coherent
He is NOT a woman
He is NOT a person of color
He is NOT young
He is NOT respectful of womens’ personal space

But hey! He’s not Trump!!!!!

Oh, dear God

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