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And watch where your financial support is used!

There must be something in the Western mentality that really goes for a good dose of puritanism. Which is perhaps why it’s so strong in America and Britain. Watching this latest Puritanical mob of virtue signallers in the middle of a morality panic brings back all the nightmares of the past. All the causes they seek to replicate are memories of all the ones who came before them – every book burner, every spectacle of burning at the stake, every denouncement, thought-crime and on and on – aye there is nowt like a good tune replayed.

It has been a while since the last burst of iconoclasm desecrated the West during the Reformation, (although Germany managed a superb spate of book burning) – so BLM have plenty of material to play with. In fact they can probably make it into a twisted TV reality show or some vile downloadable video where you visit different parts of the country, or the world – choosing which statue to toppling or which historical sites to raze, etc. They already ask for suggestions and have drawn up lists. All of course in the name of Black Lives and being anti-slavery – Ignoring the unpleasant fact (for them) that slavery was the norm throughout the world including Africa, since the beginning of recorded time – that is until the British Empire and the evangelical branch of the English Christian Church after agonising, debating and bargaining for years, passed the laws in 1833 that banned slavery in the British Empire. Then the British – not the Americans, nor the French or the Ottomans sent its navy down the west coast of Africa to blow up every last slave trading station bringing the global trade to an end. Or at least the Atlantic element of it.

But hey BLM cannot pass up on the fantasies of going to see Rome and blowing up Titus Gate (after all it depicts the taking of slaves along with ethnic cleansing and colonial theft etc) , or the Colosseum which had issues with both slaves and wild animals (most from Africa). They already flag up the likes of destroying every Church because Christ is sometimes portrayed as too white in the West and yes! Smashing the stained glass too. If the churches made him look more Jewish then that would be an even better reason. Everyone knows it’s all the Jews fault.

Alternatively – oh now whisper this, use it to learn history – by learning. But, that is the last things Black Lives Matter want. They don’t want you to think, or consider ,they just want you to kow-tow, to obey. Obedience and submission. Black Lives Matter as virtual reality / second life on steroids.

But education is not the route they wish to take. Black Lives Matter are essential Marxist agitators intent on destroying the fabric of Western Civilisation and they have only latched onto the Black struggle in the United States as a useful vehicle to progress their policies. And boy are those aims varied.

The list of what they are against is all but endless, homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, queerphobia, transphobia, sexism, misogyny, misogynoir, enbyphobia (no I don’t know what that is either), ableism, racism, anti-Blackness, Islamophobia, whorephobia, ageism, fatphobia, eugenics, discrimination, stereotypes, respectability politics, the stigmatisation of HIV and the stigmatisation of addiction. Any and all bandwagon idiocy and oddity that gives them numbers, publicity and money.

BLM is anti-capitalist, pro closing prisons, abolishing all police, against white supremacy, pro vegan, Pro Palestinian and anti-Israel (why am I not surprised). But most importantly what you should remember is NONE of the money you give Black Lives Matter is audited and can be spent anywhere they desire. You cannot be certain you are not sponsoring terrorism supporting these “charities”.

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