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The Black Lives Matter movement is not intended as a purely American phenomenon, and is not meant to limit itself to the USA. It’s intention is to cover the earth in a new coat of many colours. To that end its not just Portsmouth Virginia, as featured in the clip above that gets her attentions but also:-

Netherlands where Jan Pieterszoon Coen was damaged.

Belgium, where King Baudouin was targeted.

Britain where in Bristol the statue of Colston was toppled, and thrown into the harbour.

Italy where the statue of the writer Indro Montanelle in Milan was damaged.

Puerto Rico with Juan Ponce de Leon.

All these are countries that left slavery far in their past. In many cases like Britain who rid itself and its vast empire of the institution in 1833, long before Victoria even sat on the throne and far before the United States ever achieved it. I could go on listing, but it would be both tedious and dispiriting.

But where Black Lives Matter do not go though is the bloody here and now. In Africa where the slavery still continues and where statues to BLACK slave traders are standing in prominent city squares. None of these are targeted? Why? Partly it is ignorance, where BLM activists just don’t read round the subject they espouse. Partly it is because BLM is a Marxist stalking horse for a general anti western, anti capitalist nihilist faction. But mostly I suspect because in those African countries the response of the Police and Army would not be to “Take the knee” and quietly stand aside. Rubber bullets would be least of their worries.

The statue below is of Madam Efunroye 1810 – 1881and stands in Tinubu Square (formerly Independence Square) in Lagos, Nigeria. Born into local aristocracy she was a pre-colonial and colonial slave trader and a murderer.

madam tinubu statue

She deliberately subverted the British in their treaty banning slaves in 1852. Her dealings with Brazilians and Portuguese led her to arms trading guns to support local wars. An absolute delight. Doubtless the ornamental fountain behind her is to remind us she was most famous for stating “she would rather drown her slaves than sell them at a discount”.

Now if ever there was a candidate for destruction it is old madam Efunroye. So, will Black Lives Matter take up the challenge?

It would be a shame because the only way I would ever have known about this horrid old woman was because I chanced across her statue.

Which is rather the point, I think.

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