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Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming, and House Republican Conference Chair, has been climbing up in recent times as one of the most likely successors to Donald Trump when he leaves the Presidency. The Republican Oligarchs have found a candidate with legs.

Cheney has all the blunt outspoken-ness of her father Dick Cheney, the 46th Vice President under George W Bush. Oh yes you do remember him – bald man, crooked smile, always doing something nasty in the shadows, Haliburton, defending torture and liked making oil companies rich – him.

This alone may explain why there has been no push back from ol Trump. Their latest difference being about wearing facemasks to combat Covid. The Cheneys live deep in the swamp and they bite. So, no intemperate midnight Twitter rants here, no fight back. And in being relatively independent of Trump, Cheney has been able to keep her hands clean, even as she advances through the GOP field.

Cheney is now seen as the coming “values woman”, gutsy and known for speaking her mind – all of which is popular with Republican voters. It’s clear Cheney is surveying the road to the White House.

Why Cheney? Well the name helps. The money is no hinderance either!

Best of all are those old-time connections. Remember it is the thrust of this blog that they are all related to each other! It’s not just her connection to a political father. This all runs deep in the Cheney family. They can claim kin to President Harry S Truman as being 3rd cousin 2 time removed, and Barak Obama was only 8th cousin away through Mareen Duvali a Huguenot immigrant. Add in the likes of Warren Buffet, Wallis Simpson, Justice Gabriel Duvall or further back General Bradley Tyler Johnson and all those lovely Maryland colonials and they is blue to the toenails.

The Oligarchs are gathering again or both sides of the house.

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