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forced to make salute

The world watched in stunned disgust yesterday at the streaming videos coming over from Washington DC of innocent diners being berated by the Woke. “White silence is violence” they chanted in pure Orwellian double-speak.

Black Lives Matter, or the good old fashioned authoritarian left in its latest party clothes, have been out in force in Washington DC demanding that diners eating outdoors raise their fists in Marxist salutes to support BLM. Shaming, and where that didn’t work straight forward bullying and damned if people do film it. Most diners were so intimidated they did. Those who didn’t were subjected to being berated. Maybe tomorrow there will be blows.

Did we hear on one of the videos that were taken by astonished onlookers one of the demonstrators confront a diner shouting in her face “Are you a Christian?”. Truly worrying as it was Christians that ended the slave trade.

Now being of an age, and in a certain part of the world, this behaviour has very unpleasant echoes. And in America too I suspect there will be those who hear echoes of “Denn heute gehat uns Deutschland, und morgen die gantze welt” or more poetically perhaps “The morning will come when the world is mine.”

I cannot imagine a faster way of channelling voters towards Trump than by displays like these. If the Democrats do not unequivically condemn the rioting Trump will win. And Trump will win big.

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