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Since 2012 we have all been used to listening to the commentary on politics by Republican supporter and conservative activist Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher aka “Joe the plumber”. Now it seems that the Biden camp have found their very own “Joe the plumber” who is also Joe Biden’s relative (third cousin once removed).

Biden is very much the Irish immigration candidate with his ancestry being 5/8 Irish on both his mother and father’s sides. Now he is playing the Irish card. Well you never know do you?

Seems Joe Blewitt, seen above with his van, is a County Mayo plumber whose father is Sleepy Joe’s third cousin and thought it would be ever so amusing to have the van repainted with “Joe Biden for the White House and Jow Blewitt for your home” and a picture of the bold boy on the side. He says that the families are still close and he and his wife visited the White House when Joe was given the Medal of Freedom by Obama. SOf course the social media side are giving this a nice hard shove to bump up the image of Biden being one of the people instead of a slightly irritable and snappy old elitist.

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