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… Is To Learn To Count. LBJ

It is a shame that the Democrats never bothered to listen to one of their greats. Lyndon Baines Johnson may have only been a one term President, but he left his mark. Not least for a string of pithy aphorisms on realpolitik.

Biden and the new Democrats simply cannot shake themselves free of Trump. Even though they won, blinkered by hate they insist on a public flogging and evisceration of the Donald, and so raise again the specter of impeachment. Even though it stands only a minimum chance of passing through the Senate they tell us “it has to be done”.

No one taught them not to fight battles you cannot win. This will be a piece of Democrat political theatre at its very worst. Johnson chose his battles, he got things done, but he made certain he had counted his votes first. His take on poverty and race stand even yet. But today by insisting on this charade it allows the great Satan to morph into the great distraction. Yes, it will go to trial early in February when you can expect it to jam every TV and Network in the States solid for days on end with the orange one playing the injured martyr and pushing Biden, and his new appointees and business off the stage.

And they are guaranteed to lose. What idiot on Biden’s team chose now to discard Trump’s edict to ban trans males from the Military? An action certain to bolster Trump’s cause in the Senate by pushing the right wing into his camp.

A foolish waste of time which will do nothing to advance reconciliation in the States. And Donald and Trumpism will hang round the ankles of this administration for ever.

America has only this short window of opportunity, a brief fleeting chance to create a society where she can inspire a world of freedom and justice. Biden has a promise of cities on hills to keep but instead he is destined to wallow in self pity and mendacity, ignorant of opportunity and closed to invention.

Lost opportunities and ruined lives – the legacy of Biden and Pelosi.

Copyright David Macadam 2021