Build Back Better


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You know when a politician has lost the plot, when they really havent a clue what to do next. It happens when they start to pour forth inanities as gnomic wisdom, spouting spurious sound bites to attract the attention of the lost and foolish. We might think of them as all spin and no substance. There is no detail – its like motherhood and apple pie – whats not to like?

They are universally vacuous, stupid devoid of meaning and unoriginal. They are a sign of confusion in policy and loss of control of process. All while dealing with COVID?

Good examples from the past might be:-

“Continuity and change” from Malcolm Turnbull in Australia
“Not flash – just Gordon” UK Labour party
“Forward not back”. UK Labour party
“Yes we can”. Democrats
“Alarm clock Britain” – Nick Clegg UK Liberals

But what of the above? Have the world’s leaders locked into some form of morphic resonance? Is stupidity catching? Boris Johnson at the UK Conservative Party Conference, Joe Biden at one of his Democrat rallies, that dreadful Trudeau man in Canada, and slippery Imran Khan in Pakistan are they ALL reading from the same advertisers billboard or have they all been given the same script?

Why are they all using that same phrase? I think we should be told!

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