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I had an interest in the underdogs of life early on, and started drawing political cartoons whilst still at school and have been giving people the benefit of my opinions ever since. I have drawn for national newspapers and travelled extensively in the States over many years.   Having graduated with both a History degree and a Law degree taught me the skills for hunting wasps in libraries.

If you want to contact me with suggestions, comments, information, or just to make contact email me on david_macadam@hotmail.com

15 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. David – since you don’t have categories, I don’t know how to pull up the posts about “America’s noble families”. I know htere’s some good reading in there, but I don’t know how to get to those particular posts . . . . ?

    • Good point! In the revamp this seems to have been ignored! I have now put the categories back into the rght hand side-bar and if you click the drop down box and go to Family Trees you will get the posts with family trees. There are other more general ones without trees but with info under the Political Families too. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Jo Melville said:

    Ruth sent me a very funny Christmas card from you both …. thank you. She used her “initiative” to send it to a c/o address for me …. but failed to add a current address for herself!
    Can you pass on my regards and hope for a 2012 that is everything you both wish for …. and a request for an email with news …. my email address is the same as always!

  3. Hey David, listening to all the talk lately about HIllary (Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton) and a possible run . . . . is there a tradition of political dynasties in the UK? Of course, I mean the elected kind, not those Windsor folks.

    • Oh yes political dynasties exist here and are current. One might expect this in the Conservative Party (sort of like Republicans) but it also exists in the Labour party ( a more socialist center left lot, a bit Christian Democrat) too. Even Nationalist Politics show strong family connections. I might do a post on this as you’re interested – sort of compare and contrast…

      The reason I am particularly interested in American family interconnection in politics is two fold. First, America is where all the power is so we all need to see her clearly, and second, because America trumpets the lie that all are equal and any may aspire to the golden heights, which sadly is just a lie – and that should be seen clearly too.

      • Thanks – we’ve always pretended that America is a place that spurns any whiff of aristocracy – which is nonsense of course. Peoople still say it and beleive it and in fact don’t want it, but it’s there, just as it’s always been.

  4. Try “The new few or a very British Oligarchy” by Ferdinand Mount for starters 🙂

    • AAAggghhhh. . . are these articles or books Ruth? An article I may tackle for the answer, but the bedside book pile is way too high already! Or perhaps I’ll just wait for David to do all the work and put a post up on the subject. 😆

      • Yeah I’ll do a review of it when I finish it 🙂 Meantime a really good book albeit slightly dated would be Anthony Sampson’s “Anatomy of Britain” which came out in 1962. There were various reissues and updates until his death in 2004, but I still like the first one. Its probably out of print but should be available via eBay or similar. That one is really worth taking the time over!.

  5. It’s a book Moe

  6. Jed Healey said:

    David Just fell by mistake on your site My dear brother Peter is a serious evangelic who lives in Concord, Ma. His top pastor is a fellow named David MacAdam They’re both Jesus freaks( not that the real Jesus was such) to the max With all the HARD RIGTH bullcrap ( the real Jesus is doing a lot spinning in his grave Opps or wherever he(she? is) that goes with it You both came up on Google I’ll go with you Sorry Pete ( I really do love him) Keep up the insight Jed PS My son worked in the White House for 3 years with the big O and my daughter worked Senator Kerry for 2 years Your right, it’s not Versailles My favorite experience was playing with O’s dog named Beau

  7. Paul Yak said:

    Hi David, great info, will read it all thx.

  8. We would like to be in touch about using the Baird cartoons. Thanks!

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