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Picture: Reuters

My mother was an indefatigable stickler for public decorum.  She was never convinced of the need to eat in public, seeing the whole business as vulgar, coarse, and probably working class.  The picture above of Michelle Bachmann sticking a footlong corn dog in her mouth at the Iowa fair last week would only have convinced my old mum she was right all along.

Of course mother was never propelled by the politician’s need to appear “hip” and “with-it”, she never had their all consuming insecure need to be “down wid da kids” at every turn.  Hence their need to hove up at these dreary affairs and at least look like they know how the peasants live.

No picture exists that I know of showing that most posh of British socialists, Peter Mandleson mistaking mushy peas for guacamole when dragged in on a visit to a Chip shop in Northern England, thereby showing how terminally out of touch the political elite can be.  But, to make up for it here is a picture of him being hit by a plate of green custard.

Picture: Mail 

The trick, as I am sure Michelle now realises, is never to put the damned things anywhere near your mouth, as doing so only invites a host of caption competitions all across the blogosphere.

Ice cream is another phallic threat to the dignity of the aspiring politician.  Here the usual way in Britain is to swan about with it for a couple of minutes before handing it on to an aide who is left to deal with the thing melting down his hand.  Again the answer is “keep the thing away from
your mouth”. A lesson Ricky Santorum has yet to learn it seems.

 Unknown source

Finally my all time favourite just has to be the picture of George Bush eating a kitten.  You couldn’t make it up.  Pure pleasure.

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