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???????????????“My Ariel will not shift this stain”

Ariel Sharon died a few days ago after lingering in a coma for the last eight years.  He is garnering tributes that range from glowing for his role in 1948, to somewhat less so for his time during the first Lebanese war.

That at least is something I feel I can comment on. In 1982 I spent part of that summer on the West Bank wandering about the joys of Ramallah and Nablus, watching the tanks on their enormous carriers thundering through the Negev desert up to the Lebanese border.

Beyond the border lay two camps Sabra and Shatilla filled with Palestinians.

Lebanese Christian militia were blamed for the massacre but as the camps were occupied and under the protection of Israel collusion was suspected.  As the extemt of Israeli involvement became clear Ariel Sharon then Defense Minister, bore personal responsibility “for ignoring the danger of bloodshed and revenge”, and he was forced to resign.  Ariel Sharon was exposed as a thug who thought with his fists.

The above is a cartoon I did at the time for the Scotsman newspaper.  Ariel is the brand name of a British washing powder.

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