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fbistuff_01Source: FP website

That the FBI might on occasion spy on the bad guys has been a given for decades but I’m sure we are, were certain that its central core function is and always has been that of law enforcement.

It’s been quiet, there was no fanfare no public announcement of the change of mission. It’s not been reported but nevertheless its primary mission have moved from law enforcement to homeland security.  For this we must thank FP Foreign Policy bringing this to our attention.

It’s not perhaps the most startling piece of news, however it evidences just another small step down the path that society in the West is taking to that Surveillance Society so feared by the tinfoil hat brigade.

Why now asks FP?  Well its rebranding to gain favour and funds. You get all the wonderful arguments about how if you don’t get your way, buildings will blow up and the country will be less safe

We have had warnings before and from those who really knew what they were talking about.  Let me leave you with a quote from a young Adolf Hitler. 72cba88a-7958-11e3-946a-12313d14c88b-original

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