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Every campaigning season brings it’s posters and we always remember the most famous. They define a time and wheedle their way into one’s visual lexicon.  They mark their times like no other medium.  Think of Shepard Fairey’s “Obama” series last election, loved, loathed, hated and endlessly repeated and imitated.

The one above, and the couple below, are from the great Jeff Gates a self appointed digital raconteur and museum geek who has re-invented a series of Second World War posters for a new generation.  What a success. I just love them!  Gates seeks to deal with the ongoing political rancor in American political culture by inventing the “Camomile Tea Party” bringing calm to the political discourse.  Well possibly .

But they are brilliant.  More can be seen at here.  Just go there, they are gorgeous.  And of course Jeff has a Facebook presence too here.


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