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Photo credit: Santa Fe Review

Well Al Gore is all bull right?  No, we are to be pleased that local World Wide Web Inventor and Sainted Climate panic merchant, Senator “Fat Al” Gore is all soppy and gooey over well heeled horsewoman and Democrat donor about town, Elizabeth Keadle.

Seems that Fat Al took Liz off on an extended holiday/cruise to Antarctica.  Since Liz has been involved in environmental issues in the past, Al could now ensure they could enjoy those “climate change awareness” trips together.  All of which must have been a huge relief to the other passengers,  saved from endless lectures on climate warming from carbon billionaire Al Bore.

Seems alarmist old Al has become attracted to Mary Elizabeth Keadle, (known to her friends as Liz) for a while now.  Liz Keadle is a smart lady, a bio-chemist who now works in investments and lives in a posh suburb of San Diego at Rancho, Santa Fe and enjoys equestrian sport.  She is said to be an accomplished horse-woman.  Better yet she is rolling in cash and a long time supporter and donor to the Democrats.  Well heeled enough to have donated $100,000 to the cause in the 2000’s.

Liz became divorced from Lyle Turner in 2004, and thereafter dated aspiring politician Nick Leibham, who lost his 2008 race for the U S House of Representatives when Fat Al rolled in to campaign for him.  It would perhaps be unkind to suggest Leibham lost more than the election.

Independently wealthy, discrete and with no discernible Facebook or Twitter presence Liz is an Oligarch’s dream.

The Gore’s remain married and no word has been made public of any plans for a divorce.

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